Sex After 60 - Cheap Household Products to Achieve Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

I was talking to a woman, at least in her 60+, about her life. She's divorced; has two kids; lives alone w/ a pet cat. What's she missing? Sex. When was the last time she had sex? Well, she couldn't quantify the date. That's a big sign that it has been a LONG time ago, eons ago! So we go on to discuss what she needs to be able to pick up her life and add some spice to it. How would she be able to have a guy come over and park his limo in her garage? We did a little brain storming and came up with some tools that will get things going. Perhaps, once things become functional again, men would respond to her craig's list ad. 

Industrial Plunger:

Price: $7.99 at Staples HERE

Toilet Brush (and look, what a cute discrete shape. People will think it's only for cleaning toilets)

Price: $14.95 at Amazon HERE

Obviously, these tools are to remove:

Once the storage unit has been rid of the spider webs, one must consider some lube to ensure the garage door works without squeaking:

And for safety, don't forget the condoms!

Condoms with free shipping! Different varieties for cheap! HERE

Happy spring cleaning to all those ladies out there 60+ and looking for fun!


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