What's next for Casey Anthony?

Since we are one of the top news providers in the world, here we present you with the up to date new story regarding the murder case of Casey Anthony.  While you enjoyed your baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and freshly made pink lemonade - the Florida jury had to figure out ...is homegirl guilty?

Well after 10 hours of deliberation, the jury did not, I repeat did not find Ca.Ant guilty of murdering her daughter.  Surprised much?  What they did find her guilty of is providing false information to law enforcement officers... I mean who hasn't?  I am sure if there is a spot on our driver license to reveal our cock size or bra size or the area/perimeter of your vagina, you all would lie...  8" cut, 36DD, 10 inches wide 12 inches deep

So... now that Florida court can go back to real work, we wonder (not really) what Casey Anthony will do with her freedom?  I mean, homegirl could have been sentenced the death penalty.... then she would die?  Yeah that's it.  But since she just bitch slapped the prosecutors, I suggest that Casey look into doing a few things with her life.  Here's a list of potential opportunities for Casey to partake to brighten up her life:

  • Open up a childcare facility called "CAC - Casey Anthony Cares"
  • Start a fashion line for toddler girls and girls with pink skulls as the dominant image for the fall line
  • Replace Judge Judy or be a judge to solve children related issues 
  • Write a children picture book about behaving in a courtroom or lying
  • Enroll in a teaching credential program - she will make a great one, she can even use her own children book during story time.
  • Sell her story to Ang Lee to direct a suspenseful story with Lindsay Lohan as the leading actress, if Lindsay is not available because she is in court - then Emma Stone will do.
  • Sell cupcakes on a food truck with colorful frosting and sprinkles - called "CAKC - Casey Anthony Killer Cupcakes"
I think Casey has a bright future ahead.  

Pope now Tweeting

Hang on to your panties or not ... because the pope now has a twitter account.  Here is proof.

I don't know how I feel about this one.  Just the image of the pope and his slow moving fingers sliding across the iPad is hard for me to swallow.  And believe me, I have swallowed many things including...okay I will stop and get back on topic.

I hope autocorrect will change his message "god is great" to "gay is great" or "come pray for god" to "cum spray for gay."  When this happens, I will follow the pope on twitter.

Source: Vatican Gossip