Adam Lambert and boyfriend split, boo who?


So it was announced officially that Adam Lambert, American Idol runner up this past season, has split with Drake LeBry (who??). Details are never provided when break-ups occur, but the same general, cheesy statements are always used. It goes something like this: "The break-up was mutual and without animosity. Both remain friends and still care for each other.” Homegirl, please. Knowing the reason for the break-up, there would be no friendship, no hospitality. Moving on would be the easiest. 

So, no other blogs I've read have been able to determine the cause for the break-up. Well, you are just in luck because I know the reason. I mean, it's speculation, but it doesn't take a biochemical molecular scientist with a PhD with two Nobel prizes to see why they split. Click HERE for details. 

So, knowing what I know, you can see why the break-up was inevitable.


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Hahahahhaa, true.

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