Pet Therapy

Where I work pets are used for therapeutic reasons: close gaps (prejudice/interracial/inter-generational/etc.) between individuals by establishing commonalities; alleviate symptoms of depression and isolation; relieve stress; etc. I don't have a pet currently, nor do I really want one at this time. Why? Well, I'm quite too selfish with my time. Aside from work, I have hobbies and interests in life that I would like to spend time immersing myself in - although I have not been too satisfied with the actual amount of time I've put into them - for various reasons.

As I was getting ready to head to the gym at 4:30AM, I received a picture text from a close friend of mine. So kind to think of me at such early hours, huh? With blurred vision, I make my way to read her message. It goes something like:'s most dangerous snake. Colors may vary from pink to black. It's fangless. It usually appears in bedrooms. Usually attacks lower abdominal areas. It's highly venomous; can cause swelling, up to 9 months. Stumbling to the bathroom, I was kind of curious - would these snakes ever invade my bedroom? What would I need to do to kill it. Take a look at the picture. AhA! Well, it may seem that I have certain immunities. Swelling of nine months? nope - immune-ed. However, can cause burning of eyes and throat if not properly evaded.

Towards the end of the day, exhausted from work, I was able to make the connection between work and the snake. I totally see how pet therapy works. It does close gaps between differences: it brings together the pinks, whites, blacks and yellows... or so I've seen in movies. It takes away depression and isolation. And the end result: stress relief. Second thought, I think I'll look into owning a pet, or two...three...five. I wonder what the policy w/ snakes is where I live?

Warning, not for the those with a weak, conservative heart: Show and Tell Pet.

Bon Appetite


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