I know you have...

I can admit that I have checked out the "Men Seeking Men" section on craigslist and I know you have too. Don't deny it. Though I never respond (tempted but no), I find the ads entertaining and even at times, exotic. I am glad craigslist is a promoter of free sex. Those people who host or travel are the venturesome individuals who want to get some to get off. They do not settle for jpgs or mini sneak preview clips, they go for what they want. I say more power to them.

From all posters in different cities, there exists a common theme in search for daddies or straight married men. Oh, just thinking of it put me in the mood to look for a married man myself. Do such creature exist? Would you even want a married man when you know his no-no has slipped into to another female no-no? Just thinking of this, makes me want to say no-no. But if they have big arms, maybe I will reconsider and give them a chance.

Sometimes, you can almost read their personalities through a few short sentences... For example, those who post with ALL CAPS, I would imagine to be the big macho construction worker type who is not looking for a sissy trick but a rough buddy for man to man fun. Either that or he is Kayne West.

Not only are these people creative in their posts but also in their catchy titles that scream for "click me, pick me, dick me." They are not shy about their sluttiness or horniness, they proudly type it out and even post xxx pictures. Here are a few samples:

Do you need some oral attention?

Needing to explode

Looking for a hung top to plow my ass.

Wow these titles are quite arousing. I am tempted to make up an e-mail account and respond some of these ads.

Do you host or travel?


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