Gossip Girl vs. Gossip Gay

I have never seen a full episode of Gossip Girl nor do I want to. Because in the real world, I am a gossip girl myself. It would be like watching myself on TV. But with the recent man to man kiss between Ed Westwick and whatever his name is... My no no became curious. I never found Ed Westwick to be hot or desirable, but after hearing his manly voice on GG, I want to melt into his arms as he read me a bedtime story.

As for the "kiss," it was totally TV-Y7. I have seen a better kiss in Disney Snow White. It was such a tease. It was like showing someone the no-no area for 3 seconds and cover it up with a towel. Totally unfair.

Judge it for yourself:

Also, if there was a gossip gay version, the conversation would be something like this:

Chez: Can you believe that Jake swallowed?
Tomee: No way, I tried that last time and I ended up throwing up on the 400 thread count sheet.
Chez: Totally embarrassing.
Tomee: Totally.


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