Have you seen these Asian Girls?

I really don't know where anime artists find their inspiration to draw Asian gurls with giant blue eyes and overripe melons.  I have not met such Asian girl in my entire life.

Well you might say, hello stupid it is a cartoon, get real, get a life...  But as the inquisitive person that I am, I can't help to question their motivation.  What is their inspiration?

I love the perfect face, spotless skin, four-edged star pins, thin eye brow, fitted top to secure oversized mangos - everything I want on my face and body.  Sadly I do not have it - not even the star pins!!!

Even the depiction of innocent school girls shares the same features... chacha as big as their head and hair that resemble aloe vera...  where can I find such asian gurl in real life? 

When I was in high school, girls at my school can never get their eyes that big, unless they are in line getting hot Cheetos.  And their boobs were no where near developed.  

Oh and look at this girl- choosing to not listen to her mother and going out with unsecured bra and a weapon hidden behind her back.  Where is she going?  The only valid reasons for having an unsecured bra are (1) preparing for a shower and (2) sexing it up in the bedroom.  I do not see a shower head or a bedroom background, I see trees and skyscrapers.  No idea what she is up to...  But love her star pins.  

If I did such things (walk out of the house topless), my mom would take away my house keys and in this case sword too, ask me to put on her homemade pajamas, and go to my room and do my homework.  None of this nude tanning in the park bullshit.

But these AZN girls have it all - they are my role models.  Here is when I will sing "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls.  


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