Sowwie? Do you buy it?


If you missed the news recently, let me provide a short recap.  Comedian, Tracy Morgan, pulled anti-gay jokes at his show in Nashville, Tenn on June 3, 2011.  Morgan mentioned that if his son is gay or does not talk like a man, as if Morgan speaks like a man (questionable statement here), then he would stab his son to death.  According to Morgan at that time, it was just a funny haha joke that led to a world tour of I am sorry.  Do you really buy it?

This brings me back to a valuable lesson that Thumper's father taught him in the movie Bambi.  I have provided the source for you below:

Perhaps Morgan missed this lesson from his father.  The concept of being nice seems quite a challenge, I am still upset at his hateful remark... can you forgive and really forget?  Or can you forget and really forgive?


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