I do heart New York!

Congratulations to New York  for passing marriage equality.  An amazing achievement and most certainly worthy of a celebration with shiny bells and whistles.  The marriage equality act passed with the tally votes 33 - 29.  I wonder who the 29 party pooper and buzz killer were!!!

I have said this before, this is not about religion, this is not about ego, or an agenda - this is justice and equality - there should really be no agenda to set forth to achieve equality.  Sadly our justice and equality is not granted but earned.  Well done NY.  I think this achievement will be a strong wave to push our country toward marriage equality.  Also - let's refrain from using gay marriage, because marriage is marriage, we don't say straight marriage so we should not segregate ourselves from the crowd.

Come on home state California - let's get thing ball going already!

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